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Help Us Help Wildlife...
That's right! When you purchase our products, you're helping wildlife.  

    We're more than just a name, there is meaning and purpose behind it.  In 2007 we dedicated approximately 40 acres of our farm in southern Illinois to a re-forestation project.  We planted over 5,000 trees consisting of red oak, pin oak, eastern white pine and sugar maples.  These varieties are native to the surrounding Shawnee National Forest and we estimate their survival rate at approximately 65% to 70%, which is a huge achievement with a project this size.  
    These species are now beginning to provide a food source for whitetail deer, upland birds, snakes (yikes!), owls, birds and several varieties of insects and vegetation.  These trees are also creating a new habitat for these creatures to live and thrive.  As we continue to maintain and improve on this project, we dedicate a portion of all sales to support our effort.
    ALL purchases help our continued dedication to making these 40 acres a thriving ecosystem.  No matter which products you purchase, a portion goes directly to our continued efforts . We thank you in advance for helping us help wildlife by purchasing our quality seasonings, rubs and jerky. Thank you for reading this page and we hope it gave you a little insight into our name and a little bit of who we are.