Deep Forest Foods Our Family's Favorite Foods...Hand-Crafted especially for You!
            Deep Forest Spices originated from a mid-western farm family that just simply loves to cook, a lot.  For many years, in our every day cooking or whenever we prepared meals for friends, family or co-workers, we have always used 2 special spice blends that our grandmother taught us to make.  There was always an overwhelming response to the flavor of our food.  We heard time and again that everything from our farm raised corn to prime beef  had a distinct flavor and taste that was very unique.

            The whole thing originally started with our great granddad Dennis on the Iowa family farm as early as 1900. Granddad loved cooking almost as much as he loved raising his crops and animals.  
As a struggling turn of the century farmer, resources always seemed scarce and times were extremely tough.    There were always a lot of hungry mouths to feed and no shortage of picky eaters to satisfy.  He started blending a few of his top quality garden herbs along with several household spices and a couple of his 'secret ingredients' to help liven up our meals.  He refined these recipes and as legend be told, they got better and better as time went by.  He always shared samples of his latest 'favorites' with the entire family, friends and neighboring farms. Eventually, they became a mainstay in everyone's cupboards and grew into a great bartering commodity.  It was from this point forward that his spice blend became a staple on everyone's shelf.  The 'final' version of his recipe was always shared, passed down and enjoyed at virtually every meal over the next several generations.            
            Our family always loved cooking almost as much as eating.  After a long day, we couldn't wait to all gather around the kitchen table and share the day's stories over dinner.  Our seasonings are a direct reflection of that era and granddad's never ending pursuit for quality, farm raised, better tasting food.  Almost a century later, his original recipe still lives on in every bottle of Grandad’s No. 3.  We are very proud of him and his tasty creations and are even more excited to be able to share these quality blends with you and your family.  Both Grandad's No.3 and Mom’s blend will bring alive a whole new flavor in everything you use them on. Sauces, gravies, red meats, poultry, fish, vegetables, wild game, eggs, and just about everything in between, we use them on almost everything, every day.
We take great pride in making what many feel are some of the finest seasonings and rubs available today.  We believe in making a great product at a fair price, using the best ingredients available, prompt service and above all, keeping our customers coming back.  If you're looking for warehouse bulk or mass produced food products, our seasonings might not be for you.  Our products are hand blended, MSG and gluten free and bottled fresh, right here in the U.S.A.  Order a sampler pack today and taste what our family has cherished for so many generations, or send some as a gift to your favorite cook. Cook better, eat better and above all…ENJOY!